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Our mission is to provide professional geospatial services by utilizing the latest computerized surveying technology.

Our Services

We specialize in commercial surveys such as ALTAs and Topos, in addition to large-scale Cadastral projects for Governmental and Tribal entities.

Precision Surveys, Inc. has performed numerous boundary surveys. A boundary survey is what it says-a survey to define the boundaries of a tract of land.

A topographic survey shows the elevation of a piece of land. The elevations are typically represented by contours, spot elevations or a combination of both.

In the past we typically provided a map showing plan. With our latest technology we can present our data in exciting new ways.

Case Studies

Crunchy Cereal Bar Oven Band, Albuquerque, NM General Mills

This is one of the most unique projects that we have worked on.
Representatives from the General Mills plant in Albuquerque approached us stating they had an oven band that could not be run at full speed because the bands kept sliding off the rollers.

Rangeline Project- Montano to San Acacia, NM Bureau of Reclamation

The project was to survey, and brush 111 existing range lines for four sub-reaches along the Rio Grande through one Pueblo and several Counties. The following table is a summary of the work:

Example of Lidar data

Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System, New Mexico

This project, which was broken into four task orders, was to perform design surveys for 180 miles of a 300-foot-wide corridor for proposed water infrastructure. We were also tasked with reviewing and plotting deeds, plats and easements from 25-year title searches for the 2700 private parcels within the boundaries of the Pueblos of San Ildefonso, Pojoaque, Nambe and Tesuque. Deliverables were to be in a GIS format. Crescencio Torres from SSI oversaw and managed all aspects of the project.

Pueblo de San Ildefonso Interior Boundary Survey – San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM

Performed boundary surveys of the internal boundaries within the San Ildefonso Pueblo Grant. These boundaries consist of 367 small holding claims having a common boundary with the Pueblo. The area encompassed approximately 557 acres and 24 miles of boundary.