• Boundary surveys in and around tribal and private lands. 
  • Worked and coordinated with multiple agencies including BIA, Santa Fe County, BLM. 
  • Work included research and retracement of thousands of feet of private claim boundaries, boundary reconciliation and plat preparation.

Performed boundary surveys of the internal boundaries within the San Ildefonso Pueblo Grant. These boundaries consisted of 367 small holding claims having a common boundary with the Pueblo. The area encompassed approximately 557 acres and 24 miles of boundary. 
a. A Safety work plan was written and a review of all current Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) completed. Any recent safety issues were addressed in a revised General JHA or a specific problem with a new JHA. The Safety work plan was given to the Pueblo of San Ildefonso at the kickoff safety meeting where a schedule of field activities and priorities were established. 
b. Our crews held tool-box safety meetings prior to field work. 
c. Extensive research consisted of researching multiple sources including the National Archives in Washington DC, the State of New Mexico Archives, the Earth Data Analysis Center at UNM, BLM, BIA Northern Pueblos Agencies, the Pueblo Realty Office, Santa Fe County and other surveyors.

d. Calculated search corners based on USGLO maps. Plotted private claim surveys, plotted easements and rights of way and searched for several hundred corners. Recovered a large number of 1914 USGLO Brass Caps for small holding claims. 
e. Field notes of all work were kept and scanned daily. Performed boundary reconciliation. Determined if there were gaps or overlaps with adjoining private surveys. Identified encroachments and calculated refined search coordinates based on recovered monuments. Completed multiple third or fourth searches. Calculated position of missing corners, stamped caps and set missing corners.
f. During the course of the project, we made several presentations to Tribal Council. We had regular progress meetings and sent project updates between meetings.
g. CAD work included preparation of an 84-page boundary survey plat. We preformed QA/QC check. Recorded plat with Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office.

We were hired by the Pueblos of Nambe, Pojoaque, and Tesuque to complete the same type of surveys.